Helix, France 14,00
Chopin, Poland 16,00
Ketel One, Holland 15,00
Grey Goose, France 15,00
Tito’s Texas, USA 14,00
Charbay Meyer Lemon, California, USA 15,00
Belvedere, Poland 16,00
Beluga, Russia 16,00
GIN Price
Bol’s Genever, Holland 14,00
Bombay Sapphire, England 14,00
Hendricks, Scotland 15,00
Tanqueray, England 15,00
Beefeater, England 14,00
Plymouth, England 15,00
GreenHook American Dr y, New York 16,00
GreenHook Old Tom, New York 15,00
ESP Smoked, New York 14,00
Monkey 47, Germany 24,00
Angel’s Envy, Kentucky 16,00
Bulleit, Kentucky 15,00
Michter’s, Kentucky 16,00
Woodford Reser ve, Kentucky 16,00
Basil Hayden’s, Kentucky 18,00
Four Roses Single Barrel, Kentucky 17,00
Knob Creek, Kentucky 16,00
Maker’s Mark, Kentucky 15,00
Black Dirt, New York 16,00
A.D. Laws Four Grain, Colorado 19,00
Wild Turkey 101, Kentucky 14,00
Russell’s Reserve Single Barrell, Kentucky 21,00
RYE Price
A.D. Laws Secale, Colorado 21,00
Bulleit, Kentucky 15,00
Michter’s, Kentucky 16,00
Templeton, Kentucky 16,00
Wild Turkey 101, Kentucky 14,00
Russell’s Reserve Single Barrell, Kentucky 18,00
Pinhook Straight Rye W hiskey, Kentucky 16,00
RYE Price
Jack Daniels, Tennessee 14,00
Stranahan’s, Colorado 18,00
Applejack, New Jersey 14,00
Crown Royal, Canada 19,00
Brenne Single Malt, France 24,00
Brenne 10 Single Malt, France 34,00
Iwai Mars W hisky, Japan 16,00
Suntor y Toki, Japan 16,00
Hibiki Harmony, Japan 19,00
Nikka Coffey Grain, Japan 22,00
Ohishi, Japan 22,00
Yamazaki Single Malt 12yr, Japan 38,00
Komagatake, Single Malt, Nature Series, Shinanotanpopo, Japan 45,00
Jameson, Dublin 14,00
Red Breast, Cork 21,00
Johnny Walker Black, Ayrshire 15,00
Johnny Walker 18, Ayrshire 26,00
Monkey Shoulder, Speyside 14,00
Ardbeg 10yr, Islay 21,00
Laphroaig 10yr, Islay 22,00
Lagavulin 16yr, Islay 23,00
Balvenie 12yr, Speyside 19,00
Glenlivet 12yr, Speyside 18,00
Macallan 12yr, Speyside 18,00
Macallan 18yr, Speyside 78,00
Oban 14yr, Highland 24,00
Auchentoshan Three Wood, Lowland 21,00
Spring Bank 15yr, Cambeltown 34,00
Spring Bank 21yr, Cambeltown 105,00
RUM Price
Cana Brava, Panama 14,00
Bacardi 8, Puerto Rico 16,00
Flor de Cana 12yr, Nicaragua 16,00
Appleton Reserve Blend, Jamaica 14,00
Gosling’s Black Seal, Bermuda 14,00
Zacapa 23, Guatemala 16,00
Sailor Jerr y, Caribbean Blend 15,00
Havana Club Anejo, Puerto Rico 15,00
Smith & Cross, Jamaica 16,00
Pierre Ferrand 1840, Cognac 15,00
Tiffon de Triac, Reser ve de la Famille, Cognac 62,00
Francis Darroze 40yr, BAS-Armagnac 52,00
Daron Fine Calvados, Normandy 14,00
Bar Sol Pisco, Peru 14,00
Don Julio Blanco, Jalisco 18,00
Don Julio Reposado, Jalisco 19,00
Don Julio Anejo, Jalisco 20,00
Don Julio 1942, Jalisco 48,00
Espolon Reposado, Jalisco 15,00
Siete Leguas Reposado, Jalisco 17,00
Siete Leguas Anejo, Jalisco 19,00
Casa Dragones Blanco, Jalisco 22,00
Casa Dragones Joven, Jalisco 80,00
Ocho Blanco, Los Altos 17,00
Dobel Diamante Reposado, Jalisco 19,00
Del Maguey Vida, Oaxaca 14,00
Peloton, Oaxaca 14,00
Mezcales De Leyenda “Puebla” Oaxaca 30,00
Mezcales De Leyenda ‘Cementerio’, Oaxaca 65,00
Creyente Mezcal Joven, Oaxaca 18,00
Tosba Mezcal Pechuga, Oaxaca 25,00
Verde Momento, Oaxaca 14,00

“For hundreds of years Madeira was one of the most popular and sought afer wines in both Europe and America.

A favorite of many of the founding fathers, including George Washington and Benjamin Franklin; Madeira was used to toast the signing of the Declaration of Independence, as well as George Washington’s Inauguration. For nearly two centuries, it was coveted by the greatest collectors of the day.

However, a short time afer the Civil War, Madeira wine began to wane in popularity. It was not until the early part of the 21st century that America once again embraced this fascinating wine. Te Beatrice Inn is proud to ofer a selection of some of the fnest examples available today.”

Vintage Price
Rare Wine Co., ‘Charleston’, Sercial Madeira NV 24,00 Gl.
Rare Wine Co., ‘Boston’, Boal Madeira NV 24,00 Gl.
Rare Wine Co., ‘New York’, Malmsey Madeira NV 24,00 Gl.
D’Oliveiran Malvasia Madeira 1994 40,00 Gl.
D’Oliveiras Sercial Madeira 1989 65,00 Gl.
D’Oliveiras Malvasia Madeira 1989 65,00 Gl.
D’Oliveiras Terrantez Madeira 1988 70,00 Gl.
D’Oliveiras Verdelho 1986 75,00 Gl.
D’Oliveiras Tinta Negra 1929 235,00 Gl.
D’Oliveiras Bastardo 1927 260,00 Gl.
D’Oliveiras Verdelho Madeira 1912 245,00 Gl.
D’Oliveiras Boal Madeira 1908 250,00 Gl.
Marolo Gewurztraminer, Italy 16,00
Marolo Brunello di Montalcino, Italy 16,00
Marolo Barolo 12yr, Italy 30,00
Poli Cleopatra Moscato Oro, Italy 28,00
Hans Reisetbauer, W ild Cherr y, Eau de vie, Austria 30,00
Hans Reisetbauer, Apple Brandy, Oak Barrel Aged, Austria 30,00
Montenegro, Italy 14,00
Nonino, Italy 16,00
Averna, Italy 15,00
Cynar 70, Italy 15,00
Nardini, Italy 15,00
Lucano, Italy 14,00
Braulio, Italy 16,00
Rucolino, Ischia Sapori, Italy 15,00
Etna, Italy 15,00
Fernet Vallet, Mexico 14,00
Pio Cesare, Vermouth 18,00
Pio Cesare, Barolo Chinato 22,00
FORTIFIED Vintage Price
Andalucia, Don PX Gran Reserva, Montilla Morilas 1987 27.00 Gl.
Feuerheerd’s Colheita Port 1975 375,00 Btl.
Douro, Quinta Vale D.Maria, Twany Port, 40-year NV 44,00 Gl.
Douro, Niepoort, Morgadio da Calcada, LBV 2012 16,00 Gl.
Maur y, Mas Amiel, V in Doux Naturel, 20-year NV 18,00 Gl.
DESSERT Vintage Price
Vin Santo, Artemis Karamolegos (500ml) 2006 110,00 Btl.
Sauternes, Chateau Gilette (375ml) 1990 215,00 Btl.
Sauternes, Chateau d’Yquem (375ml) 2011 560,00 Btl.
Rivesaltes, Château Sisqueille1959 1959 40,00 Gl.
Ruster Ausbruch, Peter Schandl 2015 35,00 Gl.
Royal Tokaji ‘Essencia’ 2008 115,00 Gl.
Aleatico, Cecilia, Sicily 2016 28,00 Gl.